Sunday, January 16, 2011

Luck, Faith, True Love

Dear Diary,

I have been busy, over worked actually. Truth be told, a lot has happened since I last wrote to you..
circumstances have made me question a lot of things in my life.
Luck, Faith, True love.
These words have changed me. My outlook. Is it luck that makes love betray faith? or is it faith that makes love unlucky?
I feel like a boat in the middle of an ocean of confusion, tides of uncertainty and waves of instability. Without an oar, may I add.

Why do Humans trust so much? why dont the animals and plants have that emotional closure we face? Is this how God is punishing us, killing us softly?
As Bheeshma once told Draupadi, we should view Honour and Dishonour in the same way, unaffected.
Such simple words, but so difficult to follow. Its the heart that weakens us. Its such an irony that the heart also makes us stonger..

Righteousness is another thing I have never got my head around. What makes people lie? and why do they to it to people who care? Building trust is much harder than breaking it, do they forget?

Has it occured to you, as it has to me? why do we love so fast, trust so blindly, forgive so easily but never forget?

Dear Diary, I hope I can someday answer all these questions..

With love,

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